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Upgrading my Lecture Slides

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A major task of every person I know from working in research is to hold presentations. Whether you go to a conference, give presentations in doctoral consortia or lecture a course: self-speaking presentations are important for your career. So are the slides and pictures you choose to transfer your views and perspectives. In the following I give a brief overview about the sources I use regularly for images and illustrations within my lectures, seminars and web projects. Upgrading my Lecture Slides weiterlesen

Coneeect Think Act Tank

Experiences from Coneeect Think+Act Tank

Sometimes you need to be pushed to talk about the exciting things happening in your life. (Thanks to Chris from Strascheg Center for pushing) I’ve been to Bavaria last week to attend at the Coneeect Think+Act TankWe did nothing less, but laying the foundation of a new network institution for European Entrepreneurship Educators. For this purpose we gathered together at the Strascheg Center in Munich (which is a nice place to be, if you happen to be an entrepreneur). We’ve been around 40 people from all over Europe and I’ve talked to some of the most extraordinary entrepreneurial minds I’ve met in this field so far.

Besides having the best Bavarian Sushi so far and being part of my first rap opera we’ve worked intensively to design new courses, a novel open entrepreneurship education institution and teach-the-teacher courses. I’ve had talks in several projects, even though I would like to focus on two things, most relevant for my work in the months to come:
(1) byCoKit – a teach-the-teacher platform to design and share courses and course content
(2) Adventures of … Entrepreneurship

Experiences from Coneeect Think+Act Tank weiterlesen

Magic – The broadest Value Proposition thinkable?

From: Hannes Rothe @ Google+
February 25, 2015 at 02:42PM

Typically we think about „focus, focus, focus“ when it comes to the creation of value propositions (following #leanstartup  and #designthinking ). We develop personas, speak to our potential customer base etc. But now a new startup takes the exact opposite approach: Can a value proposition become even more generic?

We do anything, anytime (in the US, as long as its legal) #magic (

It already created quite a lot of attention in the TwitterSphere and Reddit County. Every tech news page is eager to write a report about it. As a result, you’d be No. 15.000 on the waiting list, if you’d try it right now.

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