I am not sure about his "rule of law" argument, but as a whole I agree…

I am not sure about his "rule of law" argument, but as a whole I agree with +Matt Cohler

concerning my difficulties about the "rule of law": Yes, Matt is right about the general perception and agreement of Germans with the law. Which gives a lot of security for investors. But sadly startups are rarely a key target for German law makers. 

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"Most crucially of all, Berlin is a place where there’s still no creative ecosystem holding the center stage. Berlin is one of the world’s great cities, but other than the German government Berlin isn’t really the global epicenter of anything…yet. And that’s the key reason I believe it’s the place in the Western world with the best shot at becoming a great new global tech startup ecosystem." – +Matt Cohler writing on +TechCrunch 

Berlin’s Network Effect Will Make It A Global Startup Center | TechCrunch
Editor’s note: Matt Cohler is a General Partner at Benchmark and was the lead investor in Asana, Instagram and Quora among others.

Throw a dart at a map. There’s a pretty good chance it’ll hit near someplace hoping to become the „next Silicon Valley.“ I’d bet on Berli..

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