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I use evernote to summarize literature for my dissertation. This tool may help me to map these papers based on their tags.

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Has anyone else signed up for Mohiomap? It creates mind maps of your Evernote Notebooks and Tags. Reminds me a bit like Bubble Browser, except this is platform agnostic. I'll be honest – it's pretty cool  – but I'm intrigued to learn exactly what the use case would be for something like this. What do you all think??

Mohiomap – A Visual Memory for Evernote
Mohiomap provides you with a unique and dynamic experience for visually exploring your Evernote notebooks. Use your browser to see your notebooks in graphs (networks). Mohiomap allows you to see your notebooks in a new light, find hidden relationships, and create a more meaningful experience out of the structures of notes, tags, and notebooks.

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