In recent years, I have designed, prepared and conducted various courses in the field of information systems for students in business administration (bachelor), information systems (master) and computer science (masters) in addition to my activities as coordinator of entrepreneurship education at bachelor, master, doctoral and postdoctoral level for the humanities, social, life and natural sciences. My teaching methods are highly interactive and build upon concepts of blended learning, oftentimes ‘flipping the classroom’. The following courses are a selection of university courses that I have taught since 2012.


  • Systems Engineering, ~30 students at FUB
  • Introduction to Information Systems, ~280 students at FUB
  • Business Models in the Net Economy 80-180 students from 6 universities worldwide
  • Research Seminar, ~20 students at FUB
  • Information Management, ~60 students at FUB


  • Data analysis ~60 students at ICN Business School
  • Introduction to Management Information Systems ~30 students at ICN Business School
  • Business Intelligence, ~30 students at FU/HU/TU Berlin
  • Service Engineering, ~30 students at FU/HU/TU Berlin
  • IT-Entrepreneurship, ~20 students from FUB
  • Semester project in information management, ~6 students from FUB
  • Technology Entrepreneurship, ~40 students from FUB (computer science), ICN Business School & ESCP Europe
  • Startup Ecosystems, ~25 students at ICN Business School

PhD & Postdoc

  • Research seminar information management, ~12 PhD students
  • DRS Pro Business, ~15 PhD students at FU/HU/TU Berlin
  • DRS Pro Transfer: From Research to Market, ~20 PhD students & postdocs at FU/HU/TU Berlin and P2I-Network (e.g., University of Cambridge, Paris PSL)

In addition to these courses, I have either participated in or created a range of online courses, such as Postdocs Venture – an entrepreneurship course for Scientists, and Sys101 – an online course on systems engineering, or Data Literacy – an online course on the foundation of data science.