Roles in Startup Support

Mentorship Digital Ventures

  • Idealab (, Mentor Berlin Startup Scholarship and EXIST Startup Grant since 2020
  • Mage (, Mentor EXIST Startup Grant since 2019
  • Inspirient (, academic mentor
  • Levity (, Mentor Berlin Startup Scholarship since 2018
  • Warehousing1 (, Mentor Berlin Startup Scholarship since 2018
  • Aivy (, Mentor Berlin Startup Scholarship & EXIST Startup Grant since 2018
  • Construyo (, Mentor Berlin Startup Scholarship
  • MindR (, Mentor Berlin Startup Scholarship & EXIST Startup Grant since 2018
  • Stackfuel (, academic mentor since 2018
  • Crimpr, mentor Berlin Startup Scholarship since 2018
  • FrogoAD (, Mentor EXIST Startup Grant since 2017
  • Makeapoint (Pinio), co-mentoring EXIST Startup Grant

Selection of talks and keynotes

  • Lisbon, Portugal. Innovation and entrepreneurship in deep science. invited by ASTP, 2022.
  • Montreal, Canada. Venturing with Digital Data Objects: Stairways to future-proof data. invited by Concordia University, 2022.
  • Manchester, UK. Trapped in the frame problem? Organizing Machine Learning for venture growth. invited by University of Manchester, 2021.
  • Bratislava, Slovakia. Role of universities in entrepreneurial ecosystems, video, 2020.
  • Berlin, Germany. Supporting the Entrepreneurial Scientist: We need to do better! (inv. by Bayer AG), 2020.
  • Cambridge, UK. Leveraging Infrastructures: How entrepreneurs capture value from bio data (inv. by ELIXIR and Sanger Institute), video, 2019.
  • Frankfurt, Germany, Digital Entrepreneurship in Ecosystems (inv. by Techweek Frankfurt), 2019
  • Basel, Swiss, Europe’s Start-up Ecosystems for Biodata Entrepreneurship, (inv. by BioData World Congress), 2019
  • London, UK, How biodata infrastructures enable digital entrepreneurs (inv. by ELIXIR), 2019.
  • Brussels, Swiss & Frankfurt, Germany, Digital Entrepreneurship on Biodata (inv. by DENBI & ELIXIR), 2018
  • Berlin, Germany. Digital Startup Ecosystem Berlin (moderation), video, 2017.
  • Stanford, USA, From Free Online Education to Professional Development – Ecosystem Change in the MOOC Market. Stanford University (inv. by MediaX) video, 2017
  • Berlin, Germany, Startup initiatives for sustainable chemistry (inv. by United Nations Environment & ISC3), link to report, 2017
  • … and more

Supporting Digital Transformation in Industry


Launch of K.I.E.Z project with Science and Startups (FU, TU, HU Berlin and Charité University Medicine), lead of scouting and pre-incubation at Freie Universität Berlin (funded with ~450k EUR)
  • launch of bi-monthly Fireside chats on venturing AI in Berlin, Germany
More labs for more start-ups in the capital region? • Assistant professor  for Educational Service Engineering & IT-Entrepreneurship • Fachbereich  Wirtschaftswissenschaft
Report on Entrepreneurship in HealthTech and BioTech as part of “Masterplan Industriestadt” for Senate Department of Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises


Data for Life Podcast with ELIXIR Europe, see
  • Joint course on science entrepreneurship with Falling Walls Foundation
  • Providing the online course Postdocs Venture to scientists and research across the globe
    (~100 participants in 2020)


  • Founder and general manager of innovate 255 UG (haftungsbeschränkt), a company that provides an online education platform and consulting on digital transformation.
  • DB Startup Safari with Deutsche Bahn (Concept and Training)
  • Online Course “Digital Entrepreneurship” with Deutsche Bahn


  • Design of an alumni platform for Ernst-Reuter Gesellschaft, the alumni organization of FU Berlin
  • Organizer for a Health Data event at Berlin Science Week
  • Organizer for events at Long Night of the Sciences at FU Berlin


  • Organizer of the Digital Startup Ecosystem Event with Deutsche Bahn at Berlin Science Week,
  • Organizer for events at Long Nights of the Sciences,
  • Organizer of the Innovation Marathon for Sustainable Chemistry (with German chemical industry and UN Environment)