From eCommerce, over health to digital publishing – hardly any area of our society has not been significantly influenced by digital technologies. Digital and physical realities merge in more and more aspects of work and private life.

I seek to understand this digital transformation through studying the intersection between three domains of information systems and management research. Digitinal transformation is enabled by and leads to the formation of digital infrastructures and ecosystems. While this has been of core interest for information systems, extant research has only started to study the core aspect of digital technology, that is data. For this reason, I view organizing data and knowledge to be of utmost importance. Finally, the agents who enable and who are being enabled by digital technologies are future-oriented digital entrepreneurs. They integrate, design, and apply digital technologies.

My Studies have been published in leading journals of information systems (JAIS, ISJ) and strategic management research (SMJ), and many more. Further publications in leading journals are currently under revision or close to be submitted. My research was regularly presented at leading conferences of the information systems discipline where I also host multiple mini tracks, e.g., on platforms and ecosystems (HICSS), AI applications (AMCIS), health innovation (WI) and more. Multiple conference papers have been nominated for prizes such as the renowned Claudio Ciborra Award for most innovative paper in 2019.

My research builds on strong international research networks within the information systems, management, and entrepreneurship communities. My positions as an assistant professor in information systems at FU Berlin, founder of the “Digital Entrepreneurship Hub”, coordinator of entrepreneurship education at FU Berlin, and co-initiator of the European Postdocs-to-Innovators Network.

Track Chair and Review positions

  • Dynamics on Platforms and Ecosystems, Hawaii International Conference on Systems Sciences since 2020
  • Diversity and Digitalization, Hawaii International Conference on Systems Sciences since 2020
  • Creating value through digital innovation in health care, International Conference on Wirtschaftsinformatik 2021
  • AI Applications in Digital Innovation and Entrepreneurship (SIG DITE) at AMCIS 2021
  • multiple AE and PC roles at conferences, including International Conference on Information Systems (e.g., Digital Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and New Business Models), European Conference on Information Systems (Design Science Research), International Conference on Wirtschaftsinformatik (e.g., Service systems and hybrid value creation, IT Strategy, Management & Transformation), IEEE CBI (PC Member Information Management)
  • Reviewer at DFG, DAAD, Stifterverband
  • Selection of Ad-hoc Reviews in journals:
    MIS Quarterly [A+], Journal of Strategic Information Systems [A], Business & Information Systems Engineering [B], Electronic Markets [B], ACM SIGMIS Database [B], Communications of the AIS [C], Systems, Signs & Actions
  • Selection of Ad-hoc Reviews at conferences:
    International Conferences such as ICIS [A], ECIS [B], WI [B], HICSS [C], AMCIS [D] etc.


Journal Publications

  1. Taeuscher, K, Rothe, H. (2021) Optimal distinctiveness in platform markets: Leveraging complementors as legitimacy buffers. Strat Mgmt J. (SMJ); 42: 435– 461. [FT50, A]
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Publications in Conference Proceedings

  1. Fürstenau, D., Rothe, H., Baiyere, A., Schulte-Althoff, M., Masak, D., Schewina, K. & Anisimova, D. (2019), Growth, Complexity, and Generativity of Digital Platforms: The Case of, International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS). [A]
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Monography & Book chapters

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